About Julia

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Julia McCall is a multi-faceted Musician, Producer and Sound Designer.

Finding her beginnings as a pianist, she has formed a unique identity for herself as a Composer, Audio Engineer, Pianist, and Technologist. She is passionate about using her work to benefit others, and is constantly finding new ways to do so.

Julia’s passion for music began at a young age; being a pianist and playing with her church band fostered her love for the worship environment. Today she is a member of the East Side Church Worship and Creative Arts Team, where she not only plays during Sunday services, but also has a hand in creating many of the backing tracks and other effects that are used on a regular basis. In light of this, and through her internship with the church, Julia has become a contributor to Loop Community, an exclusive team of Sound Designers that provide backing tracks and loops for churches and individuals across the world.

In her high school years, Julia began her journey as a young composer, while being an involved member of the school’s marching and symphonic bands. With a background of percussion and piano, she wrote pieces for percussion ensemble, piano solo, and began working with electronic music. In the fall of 2014, she won her first award for electronic music in the MMEA Electronic Music Composition Competition, and in the following spring, was showcased in the Avila University Short Film Festival where she directed, produced, and wrote the score to an original short film.

Following her graduation, she attended The University of Central Missouri for her undergraduate degree in Music Technology. It was here that she began her work as a technology performer and music producer. She has written and performed a number of pieces for laptop and controller, making use of digital audio applications such as Logic Pro, Mainstage, Ableton Live, and Max MSP. 

In her time as a student, Julia spent many of her days in the recording studio. She recorded and produced quite a few cover songs, demo albums, original albums for local talent, and originals of her own, leading to the release of her first single in August of 2018 entitled “Here.” Just a few short months later, in November of 2018, Julia released her first full EP entitled “For A Purpose.” This EP was a project fully written, recorded and produced by Julia herself. Working with featured artists gave this album a diversity of sound, while at the same time linking the songs together through a commonality of electronic/pop style that is “Julia’s sound.” In this time, she also worked with her church worship team as the lead engineer in producing several fully composed covers of well-known worship songs. 

Accepting the label of a freelancer, Julia’s goal is to create a career in which she will be involved in a variety of audio-related projects every day. Her hope is to offer her services to musicians, businesses and organizations that may not be able to afford the costly work of a high-end studio, but to provide content that is of the same quality.